CMS Website Design


Betco wants to migrate their current website away from the SharePoint 2007 platform. After reviewing the CMS market, they decided to choose Sitefinity as their CMS platform. Working with Sitefinity, they were introduced to Provato as a local development company that has skills to develop a Sitefinity website.


Provato was contracted to setup the Sitefinity CMS platform to meet Betco’s website needs. Betco had already contracted another firm to do website design. Provato web developers would work with this content to extract all HTML, CSS, and graphical assets to optimize them for the Sitefinity platform. Betco has a user-restricted area, in addition to other applications that are hosted outside of their website. Through prototyping, Provato proposed using a token-based authentication system that would leverage Sitefinity’s user membership provider and allow for other custom applications to authenticate, resulting in a Single-Sign-On environment. Finally, a major component of Betco’s web presence is a product catalog of their offerings. Provato would build custom controls within Sitefinity to meet Betco’s needs, and in a way that mimicked the design provided by Betco’s design firm.


Betco’s website is now a much more modern, cutting-edge presence than would have been possible within the SharePoint 2007 platform. They have an ‘Amazon-like’ product catalog that is much more feature-rich than their previous offering. Additionally, other custom applications developed by Provato leverage Sitefinity for Single-Sign-On, creating a ‘bundled’ web presence, where Betco customers feel like they are on a unified website, even though multiple systems makeup their web environment.

Technologies Used

  • Sitefinity v7
  • C# 5.0
  • SQL Server 2012
  • jQuery