Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi



Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi wants to launch a new website as they are close to finishing construction of their new facilities. This new website would communicate a great deal of information about these new facilities and the services they would be offering. Provato had previously developed their initial website and would continue to be their preferred SharePoint development team, working with Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s technical team and IBM consultants. Adding to the complexity of the project was the need for compatibility with mobile devices, and compatibility with the Arabic language which is read from right-to-left.


Provato worked closely with Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s technical team and their provided website graphical treatments to develop the new, public-facing SharePoint 2010 website. To accomplish this, numerous functional components for SharePoint would need to be custom developed, which involves SharePoint lists, web parts, and variations for localization support. Also, to support responsive design and Arabic right-to-left text, multiple CSS files were created using media queries and dynamic loading of files based on the end-users local culture settings.


The Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi website is live and meets all of the customer’s needs. Due to the high quality of our work and our product delivery process, Provato was again selected to develop Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s intranet site and is now in the process of integrating the intranet and internet into a single solution. Planned completion of the current project is to coincide with the grand opening of the hospital early in 2015.

Technologies Used

  • SharePoint 2010
  • jQuery / jQuery UI
  • C# 5.0
  • ASP.NET Web Parts
  • Responsive CSS