SAP Integration


Materion converted their legacy ERP system to SAP. This conversion resulted in different functions that were provided by their legacy ERP system to no longer be available. One offering was allowing their customers to manage their orders, purchase orders, and metal pools. Materion needed a solution that would integrate with SAP and allow their customers to continue to manage this data.


Provato was contracted to build a new web application that would integrate with SAP. After researching different tools, Provato selected the RfcConnector tool. Working with Materion’s SAP developers, Provato was able to design a data access layer that made RFC calls to the SAP server to retrieve the return structures and transform the data into C# objects. With SAP integration completed, Provato was able to build a .NET Web Application that is agnostic to the backend data source.


Materion continues to leverage the eServices application to this date, five years into its life cycle. The RFC Connector proved to be a valuable tool as it provided all the functionality required to integrate with SAP and retrieve data on demand.

Technologies Used

  • ASP.NET Webforms
  • C# 3.0
  • SQL Server 2008
  • RfcConnector